Mythology of the Livin’ Legend

Name:  J.D. Livin’ Legend Goss

Aliases:  Handsome Jack, THE Livin’ Legend, You Bastard

Occupation:  Civil Drafter/Designer, Soapmaker, Minster, Pleaser

Background:  The mythology of the Livin’ Legend is by turns epic and humble, and constantly evolving.  I am a boastful scoundrel of a man, a true wild card, and the quintessential jack of all trades with an insatiable curiosity which leads me to some unlikely destinations and hobbies, the sharing of which is one of the primary purposes of this blog.

You can also find some of my sermons and philosophizing as well, which I try to keep as lighthearted and fun as possible.  Expect an exceedingly boastful tone and prodigious appetite for egotistical ramblings, none of which are to be taken very seriously.  I also regularly post reviews of products in various categories, whatever happens to catch my eye.  As I put more travel destinations behind me, I will be sharing my experiences here as well.

Being a new blog, you can expect changes both sweeping and subtle as I gain my footing as a web developer.

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